3D Development Pack

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The 3D development pack is an install that combines Lazarus, GLScene, Quark and OpenBSP to make it easy to make a 3D game. Often creating a 3D game requires the installation of many different applications. First a compiler is needed, then a 3D library then an application to edit the games 3D scenes and objects. Getting all these installed can be time consuming and often once installed it might not be what you're after.

I have tried to solve this problem by creating an install that includes all of these applications all ready to go. It includes a compiler (Lazarus), a 3D library (GLScene) and a 3D object editor (Quark). When installed all of these applications are integrated around a demonstration application to allow you to quickly get an application working. The demonstration application is of a 3D town (Sanom) which includes lightmapping supplied with OpenBSP. When you first execute the compiler (Lazarus) the Sanom demonstration is the first application that appears and can be executed and modified straight away. The 3D town map can be edited with Quark. The town map is the default map in the menu item of Quark and when the map is modified all changes to the town will appear in the demonstration application.

To install the '3D development pack' following these steps:
1. Download and run the install at:


If you get an ODE error when running Lazarus it is likely you have an old ode.dll in your system32 directory. If you get this error try putting the ode.dll from the following zip www.skinhat.com/ode.zip in your system32 directory.

2. In the 3D Pack program files directory run Lazarus. The Sanom demo will appear and if you click on the green run button in the Lazarus IDE it will run.

3. To modify the 3D town run Quark. It is in the 3D pack program files directory. Click on 'Sanom' menu item and change the map. (Refer to http://www.skinhat.com/Quark for compiling).

This install is a combination of other installs I have made and I have seperate pages on this site on how to use them. To use Lazarus with GLScene I have a page at http://www.skinhat.com/lazarus. To use Quark with GLScene I have a page at http://www.skinhat.com/Quark

Click on the screenshot below for enlarged view:

Each of these applications are Open Source and can be used commercially free for charge. Most have the equivalent of a GPL license.

Description of packages
Lazarus is an open source Pascal compiler with a Delphi like IDE
GLScene is an open source 3D library written in Delphi and Lazarus Pascal
Quark is an open source 3D map editor specifically for Quake like maps.

Package Versions
Lazarus - Lazarus-0.9.12-20060207-win32.exe
GLScene - 1 March 2006 from Christian Ulrichs CVS at avl.ath.cx
Quark - 6.5.0-alpha5