Lazarus for GLScene

GLScene for Lazarus
GLScene for Lazarus Install

This is a Windows install of Lazarus with GLScene already in the Lazarus IDE so you dont need to install GLScene in a seperate step. It can be downloaded from here:

LazarusWinGLScene0.9.12_06.exe ... (49Meg) Jeremy Darling is maintaining this

The install has most of the GLScene Demos working such as the actor demo (loads a Quake III actor). If you use the default install path (c:\lazarus) then the GLScene demos will be at c:\lazarus\components\glscene\demos.

Since the last install more of the GLScene demos are working such as the Skybox, Pong, Shadowvolumes and Winfont demo's. All demos that include fonts also work such as the terrain demo. There are a few other demos working aswell.

This GLScene install is using the GLScene for Lazarus source from Christian Ulrich's CVS server at from 1 March 2006. It is using the stable release Lazarus-0.9.12-20060207-win32.exe.

Click on the screenshot below to view full screen:

For documentation about using Lazarus with GLScene there is some documentation written by Christian Ulrich at: